Where did we start?

Our business started in 2014 in Miami when a good friend left us her furnished home to rent while she was away and we decided to test Airbnb. The demand for her fully furnished apartment was incredibly high, so that we decided to invest and furnish our own properties as well.

Step by step, we understood the needs and challenges of the business: quick replacement of basic household items, such as towels, clean bed linen and hygiene products to make the property ready for the next guest. We also understood that customer attendance needed to be personalized and intense and that not all owners and investors had time for this.

And that’s how Propzie was born. An innovating solution for the short and medium term Holiday rental management.


The arrival in New York

In 2018, Propzie was invited to participate in New York of the StartUp acceleration program, where it received investment funds from big groups and started its operations in the city. In our mission to group and conquer the East Coast, Propzie came out winner of the SartUpf Battle Network in the GVS laboratory office in Boston, Massachusetts.


The expansion
to São Paulo

In 2019 it was the time of São Paulo to win a Propzie office It is with great proud and satisfaction that we bring our services and technologies to the Brazilian market. Because we believe that a great revolution in happening in the real state market. And we have arrived to keep São Paulo ready for this change.



Daniel Detoni - CEO


Yari Carrizo - COO


Felipe Hofstatter - CBDO