Propzie is an online solution that boosts sales for cleaning and laundry service companies. If you want to increase your company profits turn into a Propzie Pros partner.

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    Boost your sales

    We work with short-tem rentals and with every guest change there is a service opportunity waiting for you.

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    Get orders through the app

    Accept the service request in a simplified and easily accessible way from your computer or smartphone.

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    Safe payments

    Services are scheduled upon payment in advance, with zero risk of default and deposited directly to your bank account.


How it works

  • working-1System launches the service request in your app
  • working-2Service provider receives demand and accepts work
  • working-3System launches the service request in your app
  • working-4Service provider receives demand and accepts work

Common questions

Payments are made by bankline transfer 24 hours after the execution of the service.
Each property have its peculiarity, so the information is sent on the request acceptance.
Propzie supplies the cleaning material. We ask our partners to keep us up-to-date on supply needs or replacement products that are no longer in use.
Laundry service is automatically scheduled for the morning from 11 am until 13 pm. The transaction occurs matching the time the cleaning professional is at the property to pickup or receive bed and bath linen.

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Propzie Pros is not an employer: it is a platform that connects service companies to customers.